Some Headline for Staff Screening

We all know the importance of background checks, however these checks have been limited to checking details against databases, such as electoral roll, credit checks, references, employment history etc.

Whilst these are important they don’t really tell you about the person. Neotas goes way beyond this, using our proprietary software we delve deeper and discover insights and facts that current database checks fail to unearth.

In todays digital societies there is so much more information to leverage.

As part of our vetting services we would analyse an individual’s active and passive online footprint.

Our platform uses machine learning and natural language processing to search


Over 8,000 UK based adverse media sites


Over 200 social media platforms, discussion boards and blogs


All open web sources – all publicly available sources – search engines; company records; blogs; social media etc. – If it’s open we search it!


Deep web sources – those not accessible/archived through popular search engines

Our analysts conduct different forms of analysis to produce a report that shows


Behavioural analysis – understanding behaviours, traits, and motivators


Relational and link analysis – dynamically map out how individuals relate to and interact


Contextual analysis – essential to understanding the meaning and intent of information


Communication (transactional) analysis -analysis of text, images, videos, data, expertise, money and other commodities

The combination of the analyst and the platform is our differentiator.

We provide actionable insights that go way beyond standard vetting procedures and database checks.

Enhanced Due Diligence by Discovering Digital Trails

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