Are you aware of the risks posed by the people you deal with?

We enable you to

Setting New Standards in Due Diligence by leveraging cutting-edge tech and analyst.


No more box ticking exercises.
It’s time for actionable insights.

Neotas delves deeper – we search the Internet, Social Media, and all open sources

Reports are redundant – People & Circumstances continually change

Neotas analyst-driven platform cuts out false positives and provides context

Neotas focuses on the risks posed by humans by delivering unique character insights

Neotas focuses on the risks posed by humans by delivering unique character insights



Our employee checks go beyond database checks, such as criminal record and instead unveil the true identity of an individual by discovering their digital trail.

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Staff Screening

Merger, acquisitions, investments or entering new markets — Our services allow you to make critical business decisions with confidence to protect your investment.

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KYC, SMR, EDD, KYE, Anti- Bribery, Modern Slavery Act. Our platform helps you comply with both the spirit and principles of regulation.

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Enhanced Due Diligence by Discovering Digital Trails

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